Selection and Coordination of Consultants

Bentley helps assemble a team of experienced, knowledgeable consultants based on your project's specific requirements. Our long-standing professional relationships with architects, designers and engineers help ensure that the consultants we recommend are best suited-in terms of expertise, quality of work and cost-effectiveness for your particular project. We then work to mesh the skills and talents of every member of your consultant team. We clearly define the overall scope of work, coordinate efforts, establish milestones and monitor the progress

Plans and Specification Review

As your project moves forward, Bentley closely monitors the development of the drawings and specifications. We make sure they are thorough and complete, meet your original goals, are construct-able, and can be completed within cost requirements. By examining the consultants' drawings with fresh, critical eyes, we bring your visions to reality.

Pre-qualification and Selection of Contractors

Bentley knows that finding the right contractors is essential to the success of any construction project. Once your drawings are finalized, we carefully examine the scope of your project, including unique requirements, budgetary issues, required manpower and completion deadlines. Based on these criteria, we recommend a select group of contractors whose experience, proven track records and qualifications are the best fit for your particular project.

Bid Solicitation and Contract Negotiations

Bentley solicits clear, detailed contractor bids that cover the anticipated scope of work. Every bid is closely evaluated to ensure that it is complete, competitive and accurate. We establish criteria for evaluating these bids, and make measured and thoughtful recommendations. We then meet with the successful bidders, and negotiates business terms that are favorable to our clients. The results facilitate an accurate and well-informed bidding process, and reduce any time and cost-consuming surprises once the project is underway.


Owner Representation

Once your drawings are finalized, Bentley acts on your behalf to expedite the plans through all appropriate public agencies. We work to make the approval process seamless and as favorable to your interests as possible.


Every misused day on a project site represents lost time and money. That is why we make sure your project advances in a realistic, logical and aggressive manner-from start to finish. We closely examine the overall scope of work, and then assemble a schedule that maximizes the time and resources of every team member. Sometimes the schedule may move in a singular fashion, at other times it may incorporate multiple tasks being worked on simultaneously. We continually look for opportunities to accelerate progress, pushing your project that much closer to completion.

Construction Management

During construction, Bentley is regularly on-site to monitor progress, talk to contractors and offer suggestions to make sure that your project is moving forward according to plan. We help facilitate communication among every project team member, anticipate potential problems and take decisive action when necessary. Our hands-on approach means we pay close attention to the day-to-day issues that will ultimately dictate the project's success.

Cost and Quality Control

Bentley institutes strict cost and quality control measures during the construction phase of every project we manage. By serving as a "checks and balances," we not only make sure that your project is completed on time, but also that the final product meets your standards and budgetary criteria. We carefully review every invoice to confirm that what is being paid reflects the work that was agreed upon, as well as the work that has actually been completed. Change orders are checked for their accuracy and necessity, and our "schedule of values" approach dictates that payments are made only when costs are actually incurred.